Town Hall


Monday-Friday- 11 AM-2:30AM

Saturday, Sunday- 9 AM-2:30 AM

$- Medium

Town Hall is a restaurant, bar, and cafe next to the West Side Market in the heart of Ohio City. Ohio City is a young and trendy neighborhood, evidenced by the crowd that Town Hall attracts. Costumers chow down on any number of unique dish options off of a completely non-GMO menu. In addition to excluding genetically modified ingredients, many of Town Hall’s dishes are combinations of gluten-free, vegan, and Paleo diet friendly. The progressive menu doesn’t stand alone however, as the interior and exterior design is equally as clever and appealing. A large dining room and bar opens up to an extensive outdoor patio and lounge, both of which are adorned by wooden walls and creative plant designs. And the most important part- the food is as delicious as you would expect from a restaurant that puts so much effort into giving their customers the perfect dining experience.

town hall 1

town hall 2

town hall 3





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