West Side Market


Monday, Wednesday- 7AM-4PM

Tuesday, Thursday- Closed

Friday, Saturday- 7AM-6PM

Sunday- 12-6PM


The West Side Market is the oldest market space in Cleveland, beginning operation in 1840, and in its current building in 1912. West Side Market calls Ohio City home. A quick trip over the Hope Memorial bridge will get you from downtown Cleveland to the historical Cleveland neighborhood. The West Side Market is the soul of the neighborhood, bringing together people and cultures from all over North East Ohio and tempting any passerby with appealing cuisine and ingredients. The produce section is a long aisle lined with fresh fruit and vegetables, and the stall workers are eager to hand out samples. Enter the main hall, and you will be greeted by dozens of vendors that offer food ranging from stuffed pork loins ready to cook, to made-to-order crepes. Almost all of the vendors are mainstays at the West Side Market- with a couple of them sporting 20 and 25 year anniversary banners. When we asked one 21 year veteran vendor what her favorite part about working at the West Side market is, she said it’s the customers and vendors that she gets to meet everyday. The West Side Market is a community as well as a cultural destination- that just so happens to provide delicious food.

west side 5

west side 2west side 1

west side 3

west side 4


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