A Christmas Story House


Monday-Saturday 10 AM-5PM

Sunday 12PM-5PM


A Christmas Story House is located on W 11th St. in the Cleveland neighborhood of Tremont. While the area is still recovering from economic struggles, the house and museum are a bright spot for the community. Your expert led tour will start in the gift shop containing fun souvenirs from a large selection of classic Christmas movies. Walking past a mannequin donning Ralph’s pink bunny suit, your next stop is the house where the magic happened. The house is completely interactive as you are able to answer the phone and crawl under the sink much like in iconic scenes from the movie. Equally as fun, the museum across the street contains memorable artifacts including original outfits. It is an attraction loved by tourists and Clevelanders alike. During busy season, which our guide described as from Black Friday to mid-January, the house and museum attract around two thousand visitors a day. On December 3rd the house’s foundation will put on a fun run of which all proceeds will benefit the Tremont neighborhood. The entire A Christmas Story House grounds make it clear how committed and enthusiastic the owners are about bringing the movie back to life for everyone to enjoy based on the professionalism they exhibit. For A Christmas Story lovers as well as people unfamiliar with the movie but wanting to learn more about the city, this is the perfect destination for you.

Website: http://www.achristmasstoryhouse.com/

a christmas story house 1

a christmas story house 2

a christmas story house 3

a christmas story house 4



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