78th Street Studios & Third Fridays


Mon- Thur: 11am-5pm (gallery dependent)

Fri: 11am-5pm (open to the public)

Sat-Sun: Closed


The impressive 78th Street Studios is located in the center of the Gordon Square Arts District on Detroit Avenue. 78th Street Studios is the largest art complex in Northeast Ohio. With over 80 galleries located under one roof, the building totals to over 170,000 square feet of show space. Located in the building are artist studios, performance spaces, and music recording studios. Every Friday morning the studios are open to the public usually starting around 11am. However, specifically on the third Friday of every month, 78th Street Studios transforms entirely to host an event called “Third Fridays”. Here from 5-9 pm restaurants, food trucks, and live music draws over 1500 visitors to the galleries. All of the art galleries become open to the public and admission is always free. During this event visitors are able to interact with hands-on exhibits and talk one-on-one with a handful of local artists. Third Fridays is a family friendly event as it sttracts pop-up snack and ice cream vendors, as well as art classes for ages 4-8 throughout the evenings.

Website: http://www.78thstreetstudios.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/78thstreetstudios



gallery 1gallery 2gallery 3gallery






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