Hessler Street Fair


May 21-22 (Dates vary by year)


The Hessler Street Fair is 60’s, hippy style, non commercialized festival located in University Circle. This festival runs and is organized by The Hessler Neighborhood Association for two days every year in the spring. During the two days, over 10,000 visitors venture to Hessler Street to enjoy vegetarian food, street performances, live music acts and crafts vendors. As you walk down the main street of the festival the side walks are lined with food vendors selling affordable meals ranging from gyros to bbq to funnel cakes. Alongside the food one can find tents full of art and jewelry all created by local artists. Many of the booths house Cleveland inspired designs including clothing, photography, and paintings. This festival is a family-friendly event which features a kids area full of volunteers that paint faces, spray paint hair, and create balloon animals. The festival runs from 11 am to dusk on both days of the year. As Hessler Street is so centrally located in University Circle, surrounding restaurants and stores stay open late so that visitors can enjoy the local area after visiting the fair.

Info, Parking & Dates: http://hesslerstreetfair.org/





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