Cavaliers Playoff Watch Party


Dates depend on Cavaliers success/schedule


Cleveland is undeniably a sports city. Despite a 52 year professional sports championship drought, Cleveland fans root on their teams unconditionally. Now imagine the atmosphere surrounding a potential NBA finals champion. The Cavaliers Playoff Watch party at Quicken Loans Arena is the closest thing one can get to being at the game when the Cavs are on the road. With a ticket price of only $5 per head, it is also a great opportunity to be involved in a playoff basketball atmosphere without breaking the bank. All of the souvenir and food concessions are open, and entertainment such as cheerleaders and mascots remain in commission. There are activities near the court that are exclusive to the watch parties. Activities include shooting hoops, shooting a hockey puck, and comparing yourself to Cavaliers players. The event also brings local Cleveland businesses downtown to sell their products, putting more money back into the Cleveland economy. Watching the game with 20,000 fans as excited as you is the best possible viewing experience.

watch party 1

watch party 2

watch party 3

watch party 4




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