Walnut Wednesday


Wednesdays 11AM-1:30PM


Walnut Wednesdays, aptly named after Walnut Avenue where it takes place, is a gathering of food trucks and live music at a beautiful corner in the middle of downtown Cleveland. Dozens of food trucks line the street as business professionals and downtown Cleveland residents enjoy the green spaces and outdoor furniture. The food trucks range from barbecue to East Coast Custard- a Cleveland ice cream favorite. The event attracts hundreds and people can be seen walking blocks from the event bringing white and red containers filled with delicious food back to their offices. Most visitors stay however, and enjoy the live band and the company of their friends. The venue (the corner of Walnut Ave. and E. 12th Street) and the event are great examples of the resurgence downtown Cleveland has seen recently both culturally and architecturally. More and more outdoor green spaces are being created, one example being the public square renovation. This event brings Clevelanders together and helps people appreciate the beautiful city they live in.

walnut 2

walnut 3

walnut 4

walnut 5

walnut 6


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