Cleveland Indians Baseball Game


Games dependent on Indian’s schedule

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By attending an Indians game any tourist can get the true”Cleveland-er experience”. The Cleveland Indians are the MLB team that play out of Progressive Field in the heart of Downtown Cleveland throughout the spring and summer months.  While walking to the game chants spreads through the streets, street vendors are posted at every corner, and bars are brought alive with all of the fans flocking to the games. Upon entering the stadium visitors can experience the newly renovated food options in the park. A handful of Cleveland based,fa- favorite restaurants occupy booths on opposite sides of the stadium. Happy Dog, Rally Burger, Ohio city Burrito, Sweet Moses and more all serve fast-prepared meals so that one can grab a bite and return to the stands to watch the game. For older fans, there are bar areas and drinks available for purchase throughout the park. Looking for budget-friendly seats…try seats located directly in the home run zone for a  birds eye view of the entire field! If you are lucky enough to plan your trip the to stadium on the right day you might find yourself visiting on dollar dog night! The Indians games are a family friendly event for adults and kids of all ages. With new stadium renovations and additions being added constantly, the experience of attending a game can change during every visit to the park. The atmosphere, foods, and trademark fanbase all contribute to making an Indians game a popular Cleveland destination

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