Little Italy



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Cleveland’s very own Little Italy today is an epicenter for hundreds of restaurants, festivals, and cultural exchanges from around the country. According to Destination Cleveland there are 3 essential must-do things when visiting Little Italy…

  1. Wine, dine, and stroll through Murray Hill at one of its many art walks.
  2. Order homemade pizza, pasta, and sauces from Mama Santas.
  3. Snack on Italian sweets from Cannoli to Tiramisu at Presti’s or Corbo’s bakeries.

With so much to do it is very possible to spend an entire afternoon in Little Italy! However, when planning your visit to the area make sure you visit during the summer when the Feast of the Assumption occurs. During the Feast thousands of people lurk to Little Italy for food, parades, masses and entertainment for days throughout the entire weekend. Even when there is no Feast, museums and artists galleries in Little Italy are open to the public for the majority of the year. One tip: visit on an empty stomach to experience the food that makes this area so popular to local Cleveland-ers.




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