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The Question Isabella & Jack Will Answer:

What does the city of Cleveland have to offer in terms of unique attractions and tourist destinations for students and budget-conscious travelers?


Cleveland is a city that rose to prominence during the beginning of the steel industry. For many years the city has been molded simply due to its economic position on the lake. Although there is still an overwhelming presence of manufacturing in Cleveland today, the city is undergoing a critical period of revival.

As a student, experiencing this transforming Cleveland scene can be quite costly. However, Isabella & Jack will be working with an experienced mentor through Destination Cleveland, a nonprofit organization that promotes travel and tourism in Cleveland, to explore budget-friendly excursions through five prominent Cleveland neighborhoods: Tremont, University Circle, Ohio City, Detroit Shore Way, and Downtown.  Isabella & Jack hope to discover attractions and destinations that are affordable for students and budget-conscious travelers, while still providing visitors with experiences central to Cleveland today.


Authors: Isabella Joseph & Jack Green